kantan.csv is a CSV library meant to help with extracting useful values from CSV data.

This is probably the most popular of all my libraries, and is also the one I use and maintain the most.


kantan.xpath is a library designed to let developers get useful types out of XPath queries.

This was initially created because I needed to do some scraping and grew frustrated with how inadequate Scala tools available at the time were.


kantan.regex is regular expression library whose sole purpose is to turn matches into useful values.

This is actually a side-effect of kantan.xpath: too often, scraping involves evaluating regular expressions against the content of XML nodes, and kantan.xpath only did half the job.


kantan.codecs is the core of all other kantan projects - that’s where all the logic for encoding and decoding is.

Other kantan libraries essentially depend on that, declare specialised versions of the decoding typeclasses and inherit external libraries support.