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kantan.sbt is a collection of SBT plugins and settings used by all kantan.projects.

Getting started

kantan.sbt is currently available for SBT 1.0.

The current version is 2.8.2, which can be added to your project with the following line in your build files (traditionally project/plugins.sbt, although that’s not a requirement):

// Adds the core kantan.sbt plugins
addSbtPlugin("com.nrinaudo" % "kantan.sbt" % "2.8.2")

// Adds support for sbt-release
addSbtPlugin("com.nrinaudo" % "kantan.sbt-release" % "2.8.2")

// Adds support for scalafmt
addSbtPlugin("com.nrinaudo" % "kantan.sbt-scalafmt" % "2.8.2")

// Adds support for scalastyle
addSbtPlugin("com.nrinaudo" % "kantan.sbt-scalastyle" % "2.8.2")


The various kantan projects share a lot in the way they’re built and deployed , from code standards to release steps. The initial goal of kantan.sbt was to aggregate all these in a single plugin to avoid maintaining the same tasks in, at the time of writing, 4 different projects.

The scope has somewhat changed since my current employer, Besedo, has started using Scala - kantan.sbt has become the basis for our internal builds. Because of this, the kantan submodule has been extracted and contains all the kantan-specific configuration, while the other modules strive to be more generic.


The following tutorials are available: